Friday, July 10, 2009


Mark Herzlich Update – July 10, 2009

"We’ve effectively entered the second phase of Mark’s treatment."

"On Monday July 6th, we had another round of tests done – an MRI, an X-Ray and a CT Scan. These tests help the doctors track the progress of the treatment and based upon that progress, determine what form the balance of his treatment will take. The good news is that all the tests came back as well as or better than we could have expected."

"The CT Scan showed that the cancer had remained localized and hadn’t spread to other parts of Mark’s body. This is what we expected but confirming it is important because the probability of success goes way up when the disease doesn’t mestastize."

"The X-Ray showed no fracture of the femur – again, what we expected but important to verify none the less. It also showed that the cancer has been reduced from the chemo therapy to just a small bump on the bone within a tightly contained area."

"The MRI showed that the tumor has essentially been completely removed from the soft muscle tissue. Whereas the muscle area was lit up like a Christmas tree on the first MRI, there was nothing to be found on this week’s. That’s huge since the lack of continuing soft tissue involvement opens the door to more treatment options."

"Overall the doctors are extremely pleased with the results of the chemotherapy and the progress Mark’s made to date....Bottom line is that things continue to progress well. As the docs have told us repeatedly, we’re not out of the woods yet, but we’re certainly on the right path."

This update is great news for Mark and his family. May the treatment continue to kick this cancer's ass.

Thanks to all that have sent messages and well wishes. I encourage you to continue to comment on this page, and if you want to see what Mark is up to right now, check him out on Twitter.

Hey Mark...Stay Up!

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