Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today marks the first day of the future of HerzNation. We have moved to We want to thank all of our loyal Herznation fans and we urge you to change your bookmarks over to our new home. We will have more features available that will keep you better informed on Mark's return to football and beyond. The sleek design and the ability to update from anywhere are just some of the new features we are psyched about. All of the old content will be available on the new site.

You are automatically being redirected to our new home :

Stay Up! - HerzNation


  1. Brother Mark
    You are a blessing to us over here in Avon at Horizon,Adam had been keeping me posted and we are praising Jesus together for His Almighty powerful healing hand,and now you have a testimony for story for His Glory,Keep us in prayer over here and we are continuing to lift you up,"Let your light so shine before men that it would Glorify your Father which is in Heaven"-keep up the good work Mark!-Peace Brian

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  3. congratulations on starting your dedicated site. Keep up the good work.