Sunday, November 22, 2009


Mark will undergo surgery tomorrow to insert a metal rod into his left femur that has been compromised by Ewing's Sarcoma and subsequent radiation treatments. The procedure will include an incision on the upper leg (hip) gaining access to the top of the femur. The surgeon will then drill the length of the femur and insert a metal rod. Then they will lock it into place with screws, and sew him up. The doctors are anticipating a 2 week recovery period from the surgery only because of the incision... the femur will be load bearing immediately after surgery. Unreal!

Take your time do it right. Let's get this man back to 110%!

Mark we're here for you. STAY UP!

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  1. Hey Mark,

    You were awesome enough to send an autographed pic to my sons best friend, 11 year old Will Morgan here in Dallas, that was recenty diagnosed with Ewings. We've been following your inspirational story, attitude and subsequent recovery since the day of Will's diagnosis. Just wanted to let you know all of us here are following the insertion surgery and are praying for your surgeons to have clarity of skill and widsom, and that your recovery time is minimized!

    STAY UP! and stay strong. We're hoping you can bring your game and attitude to my hometown boys in two years. You'd look GREAT with a fluer de lis on your helmet playing in a Gregg Williams defense. WhoDat??!!

    Keith Beasley