Sunday, April 26, 2009


This guy is a monster! Check out this photo of Herzlich from yesterday's spring game at Alumni Stadium. The crowd was small, probably due to the NFL draft and the Red Sox game, but that didn't deter Herzlich from having a big day. Mark lead the Eagles defense to a victory over the offense contributing 9 tackles, one for a loss, and three pass breakups. I pray for the team's sake that the offense gets their shit together and we have a quarterback step up. Lets go Eagles.

In other news... I mentioned yesterday that B.J. Raji was selected 9th by the Packers but I failed to mention Ron Brace's fate. Congratulations Ron! "Ron Brace Yourself" was selected 40th overall by a team that you might have heard of...that's right. The New England Patriots! Ron will be close to home next season and I'm psyched for him. Well done Ron.

Check out Ron's NFL Vignette here.
Want to see more photos from the spring game? Check them out here.

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